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What sets this new way to stream videos apart from standard streaming is the ability to see both camera angles that were shot in real time. The viewer can switch from angle to angle with the click of a button as the video continues to stream.

"Drake and I do all of our own filming and always have two cameras going to catch all the action. We have been planning real time angle switching via the web since we launched our site last year. It's really hot to be able to see a guys close-up reaction as you see him getting fucked on the same screen! We hope our members will be just as excited as we are to have the control and interactivity as they watch our hot guys doing what they do best!" - Cameron

Members can now see what footage and angles ended up on the virtual "cutting room floor."

Imagine seeing more of what you want to see, when you want to see it, instead of just a static edited scene! The top of the screen shows the current angle and lower part of the screen is split between the raw footage of the different camera angles.

Multi-Angle will play in all standard browsers equipped with Adobe flash and will play with the same minimum requirements of our standard video streams.

Videos with the Multi-Angle icon Multiangle, can be viewed in this player.
Drake and I are happy to announce the release of the mobile version of our site, m.drakecameron.com. The mobile site is custom tailored for smart phones with a 3G connection or better and has streaming and downloads converted for use on smart phones including: iPhone/iPod 3+, Android phones 1.6+, BlackBerry 5+, Palm webOS, and some other smart phone versions. Check out the new site with your phone today!
2010-02-12 - Eastern European Bonus
On a recent vacation to Eastern Europe Drake discovered the hot and exotic guys that this part of the world had to offer. He made a couple of friends and connections when he was there and low and behold, he met another guy that liked filming hot boys just like we do.

These guys are masculine, ripped, and just plain hot. They will be featured in our collection that will be available to only DrakeCameron.com members. Rest assured, we will still be providing our premiere HD exclusive weekly content, but now you will have access to amazing eastern European guys for your download and streaming enjoyment!
Follow us on Twitter  Drake and I will be posting on twitter. Come follow us and see what were up to.
Today we released the new version of our streaming video player. This version allows you to see a thumbnail of the video in any position on the slider, even if the video has not completely downloaded. This will help you get to the parts you want to see faster! Enjoy!  - Cameron
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