Drake Cameron Drake Cameron
Jared Jared

We found Jared when we needed a ride downtown after a festival. He was working his toned legs and ass in front of us maneuvering his pedicab to our ...
Gianni Gianni

I saw Gianni playing soccer in the park one hot, sweaty afternoon and I knew immediately that I needed to get my hands on him. It was tricky because ...
Anthony Anthony

Anthony is totally straight, young and very impressionable. Anthony's experience was very limited so this will be his onscreen debut here at ...
Jacob Jacob

Jacob was in town to surf the local beaches and responded to our ad looking for models in need of some extra cash. Which branch of the military is ...
Eli Eli

Eli is a totally fresh amateur! He had a deep sexy voice and a rougher look that piqued our interest. Eli plays soccer on a few local teams and ...
Peter Black Peter Black

The pictures tell the story... Peter has an amazing body and massive cock. He is totally straight, but we wonder if with enough coaxing we could get ...

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