Drake Cameron Drake Cameron
Brad Brad

Brad was a little rough around the edges, fresh from a trip to the river, but that is what attracted us about him. He has a girlfriend right now, ...
Chad and Peters<br /> Jack Off Chad and Peters
Jack Off

Before we had Chad and Peter solo for us, we interviewed them together. They came to the set together and told us they were best buds so we asked ...
Austin Austin

We knew right away this wasn't Austin's time in front of the camera! He walked in for the interview, dropped his jeans and revealed to us his ...
Hector Hector

What can we say that isn't obvious in the pictures! Hector amazed us with his awesome physique and personality. Even though he was straight, he ...
Caleb Caleb

During some down time at the studio we got an email from Caleb expressing an interest to model for us. What a charming witty guy he was, full of ...
Chad Chad

We found Chad on a comminty forum site where he had posted an ad looking to make some extra cash. We asked him if he was comfortable with the idea ...

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