Drake Cameron Drake Cameron
Christopher Christopher

Christopher is the typical southern california surfer guy you would see out and about on the boardwalk. When we first met Christopher he was a bit ...
Tristan Mathews Tristan Mathews

When I first saw Tristan's picture, I said "Yes please!" With his boyish looks, tight body, rocking ass, and man paint I couldn't help recalling all ...
Shawn Shawn

We were surprised to have Shawn get off on camera for us. He is totally straight and said he wasn't very nervous about getting naked even though he ...
Josh Josh

Josh responded to our online ad and eagerly came to interview. We liked him the moment we saw him. It was a little kinky to have his husband right ...
Neil Neil

Neil was our first encounter with the rare hot gay nerd. We met Neil at a small coffee house in LA. He was reading what looked like a dictionary, but ...
Johny Johny

We met Johnny one day when Cameron was working out at the gym, he approached him and asked if he wanted to make some extra cash. Turns out he is a ...

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